How to track error when start apache fails on MacOS X

A few days ago I was update php through brew. Then apache2 was dead. And then there’s an odd issue which is no error log show me in error file. finally google tell me how to track error in CLI. It’s just soooo easy. When you start you apache server, only thing you do is […]

web service 动手玩儿

最近工作中需要用的web service的一些数据调用,本生是php调用.net的需求。顺便就查了下python怎样用。如下: 例子中的 1电话是网上随便搜索的一个标注为诈骗号码的电话。 2web service是网上随便搜索的一个源。 本例用的是suds的一个lib 安装很简单不赘述了。 #!/usr/bin/python2 #auth:codewalker from suds.client import Client def websevice(phone): url = ‘’ c = Client(url) r = c.service.getMobileCodeInfo(phone) #print client可以直接查看有哪些方法可以调用 return r def main(): phone_number = ‘13802792784’ r = websevice(phone_number) print r if __name__ == “__main__”: main()