Default accounts for routers

Marconi – Telkom ADSL (Marconi Firmware) admin administrator Maxell – T2RN-2000 (Maxell Spanish Firmware) admin admin Mecer – WAR25TC (Addon Firmware) admin admin Mediacom – M-NTWRN (Mediacom Firmware) admin admin Medialink – MWN-WAPR150N (Medialink Firmware) admin admin Meetus – AMT1004 (Meetus Firmware) admin adslnadam Mega – 200VWR (Mega Firmware) Meganet – F-18 (Meganet Firmware) admin […]

How to setup Git server on CentOS6.6

All steps below are only for example step 1 On server step 1.1.1 add a new user to manage GIT #Whatever username you like. useradd username step 1.1 make sure you can login with public key For more please visit this link notice !!!this post!!!. step 1.2 make dirs and init repository #switch to su […]

How to change your source of gem from official to Taobao

***All steps below in cli*** Step 1 Remove official resource from source list gem sources –remove Step 2 Add Taobao source gem sources -a Step 3 Type in: gem sources -l then ‘enter’ It works, if you see this below ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ *** CURRENT SOURCES *** ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

How to using QQ SMTP server send E-mail on Centos6

Step One. vim /etc/mail.rc #Appending two lines blow at the buttom of you just opened file /etc/mail.rc #Line one set #Line two set smtp-auth-password=thisIsPassWordOfYourEmail smtp-auth=login Step Two. echo “this is content of EMail” |mail -s “this is title” someone@email.address

How to calculate age, gender from ID using SQL

SELECT 0 ,getip.lastloginip ,getip.location ,info.uid as userID ,info.truename ,left(CAST(SUBSTRING(idnumber,7,8) AS DATETIME),4) AS BIRTHDAY_YEAR#this is IMPORTANT ,FROM_UNIXTIME(UNIX_TIMESTAMP(CAST(SUBSTRING(idnumber,7,8) AS DATETIME)),’%m-%d’) AS BIRTHDAY#this is IMPORTANT ,MOD(right(idnumber,2),2) AS SEX FROM p2p_member_security info, p2p_member getip WHERE 1 and info.uid = getip.uid and idnumber != ” and idnumber is not null and (length(idnumber) = 18 or length(idnumber) = 15) ORDER BY […]

Experience of XenServer

记得在前年在顶呱呱工作的时候初次接触到了XenServer,当时是王工安装的这东西。感觉虚拟化是个很高端的东西. 不过这一切在上周一切的迷雾已被拨开原来这货就这么简单. 安装什么的网上很多资料不过这里还是推荐直接看官网文档里面非常详细这里不赘述. Basic: 1 XenServer 这是安装在服务器上相当于一个OS. 2 XenCenter 这是安装的Client用于远程管理XenServer. 这里需要注意的是XenServer激活需要用到一个叫做Licensing Server的东西. 以上这两个(XenCenter以及Licensing Server)只能安装到win下面,这点比较苦逼. 授权服务器需要独立主机。或者你安装在内网把27000端口做一个映射到外网. 之前的疑惑: 怎么把公网IP分配给VMs以及硬件上网络环境怎么配置说的直白一点就是网线怎么插? 之前一直不知道怎么把公网的IP给VMs,以为先需要在Host上配置. 结果尼玛太简单了,Host上自带虚拟交换机。只需要一根网线插刀eth0上. 直接在VMs上设置为公网IP即可.VMs的IP可以与Host的IP在同一网段。不同网段行不行不知道,因为在我配置的时候手头没有不同网段的. 3 关于安装VMs 安装VMs需要用到iso,这里比较特殊只能通过CIFS(windows file sharing)就是win的共享。另一种是通过Linux的NFS。 我还是比较喜欢Linux所以只需要在另一台有公网IP的LInux中修改/etc/exports。 加入一个nfs出来设置为RO(read only)给XenServer的IP 例如: 在/etc/exports中加入一行 /path/to/iso/files/ a.b.c.d(ro) 重启nfs服务这样就可以了。 同时需要注意的是ISO文件只能存放在files下不能再在files西面建立文件夹 /path/to/iso/files/a.iso /path/to/iso/files/b.iso 经试验,即下面这样的写法是不行的 如果XenServer中ISO library写成/path/to/iso/files/ 但文件存放位置是这样 /path/to/iso/files/OSa/1.1/a.iso /path/to/iso/files/OSb/1.1/b.iso XenServer不会读取子文件夹。 最后附上以上机房刚装好XenServer图. EOF.

how to share you ssh via putty through sock v5 for other users in LAN

First of ALL. You have 1\A SSH account to connect to HOST(H). 2\A client(computer–Mac or Windows or Linux). This one called P for proxy client 3\A client(computer–Mac or Windows or Linux, cellphone, xbox360, ps or some device) without SSH but just only proxy. In this example below I called this device C. To using web […]

One ID One session for vpn.

一个vpn账号只能生成一个session, 一个vpn账号只允许一个连接。限制登录个数 纯傻瓜操作免去繁琐的配置,原理非常简单只要ppp用户登录即生成一个文件在/var/run/pptpd-users下面. 重复登录的话杀掉原进程生成新的。即把上一个用相同账号的人挤下去. 保存下面的文件到/etc/ppp下面再加上x权限. #!/bin/sh # get the username/ppp line number from the parameters REALDEVICE=$1 USER=$2 # create the directory to keep pid files per user mkdir -p /var/run/pptpd-users # if there is a session already for this user, terminate the old one if [ -f /var/run/pptpd-users/$USER ]; then kill -HUP `cat /var/run/pptpd-users/$USER` fi […]